10 Key Job Search Statistics

The world around is constantly changing, as is the way we apply for jobs and the way companies find us.

Reliance on data and internet-driven technologies is at an all-time high, and there’s only expected to be more emphasis on these factors in the years ahead. Additionally, job seekers are increasingly using online databases like ours to find their next career moves.

Where does that leave us? Here are 10 statistics you should be aware of:


1. 60% of people use online job boards to look for new jobs.

2. 90% of recruiters cite job boards as their top sourcing channel for candidates.

3. 89% of job seekers say that mobile devices are important tools for their job search.

4. 52% of recent hires applied to 5 jobs or less during their previous search.

5. 55% of candidates hired by startups get a job offer within two weeks of submitting their applications.

6. Recruiters spend about 6 seconds on average looking at each resumé.

7. Job seekers spend an average of 11 hours per week on their job search.

8. 54% of recruiters will reject a resumé that isn’t customized or tailored to the job being applied for.

9. 75% of hiring and talent managers utilize recruiting software or applicant tracking systems in their candidate searches.

10. 79% of job seekers use social media as part of their search.

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