The Cardinal Sin of the 2 Page Resume

“Keep your resumes to one page! The cardinal sin is to put too much frivolous information on your resume and go to two pages.”
We’ve all heard it and this was the advice given to me, freshman year of college, by a professor helping my class to create their first resume; which by any stretch is a daunting process. By the end of the class, I had so many things I felt were quintessential to my resume, specifically telling my story, but had no idea how to keep it to “one page”. I started to panic, with thoughts of how having more to say was going to be disastrous to my future employment opportunities – visions of my longer resume immediately going to the bottom of the pile, or worse, the trash! But I do have more to tell, so how do I get my story out, and convince a hiring manager that my awesomeness cannot be squashed in to one page?

Over the summer, I decided to find an internship in NY. I was looking for something, different; something where I could not only add value, but also join a team, that was doing something that made a difference. That’s when I met Jabord.

Jabord is the answer to the problem I didn’t even know I had yet – it’s a medium where I can add everything about me, including education, previous work experience and skills, but also everything else that makes me stand out from the other kids in my class. Personally, I have major accomplishments that I’m really proud of: writing & publishing a children’s book which raised money for a hospital – how do I add a picture of the book to my ‘one page’ and get that noticed for what it’s worth? Jabord also gave me the option to create a video as part of my resume; this really allowed me to show my personality, my passions, and my softer skills. Basically it allowed me to show why my future employer & their team will want to see & sit with me every day! Last time I looked, passion doesn’t come through in a PDF.

Then I started thinking about what else is important in the job search? Yes, I want to get lots of interviews, but I also want the interviewer to be meeting me because they WANT to meet me, not because they have a quota to fill, or because of a few key words that can be found on 90% of resumes; I want them to share my passion, my personality and see my value before I walk through the door, because then the conversation actually counts – on both sides!

So, I agree with my professor that adding “…frivolous information” is the cardinal sin of a good resume, but adding relevant information via links, videos, pictures, references, etc. to fill in some color? Surely that can’t be bad in today’s technology driven world?
Within one hour I had a new JbRes that was easy to create and could be downloaded into a perfect PDF resume with a single click. From now on this is definitely the resume I will be showing potential employers!

This is me – – who are you?

By: Nikhil Mahtani

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