Dress the Part

Being prepared for job interviews is more than just about dressing well and making sure you have studied all the right preparation questions.

Today, 33% of recruiters know within the first 90 seconds of an interview whether or not they will hire you. Most of this is based on how you come across and if the boss believes you will fit into a company’s culture.

Unfortunately, many people get nervous or flustered when asked questions they were not prepared for, or blank on a certain topic they are discussing. Additionally, 67% of recruiters say that not making eye-contact is a huge mistake when sitting in an interview. 

Now more than ever, with people having increasingly shortened attention spans, it is imperative to get your personality and skills across in a quick and concise manor so that a recruiter knows everything about you as quickly as possible. You certainly do not want to bore the person on the other end of the interview.

Jabord is an incredible tool that allows you to give an extended elevator pitch of sorts to get as much information across about yourself in an easy to read and easy to navigate page. So many people have abilities, hobbies, interests, and accolades that they are told not to put on their common PDF resume so that it does not become ‘boring’ or too long. What if there was a way to attract attention to all these things that make you desirable to potential employers? Jabord is trying to solve this problem by allowing you to add multimedia (such as pictures, videos, links, etc.) to your JbRes. You can have everything in one place (including references) for recruiters to scroll through so that they can learn more about you. 

Create your new JbRes and start letting employers know more about yourself before the first interview. Get a leg up on the competition today!

By:  Nikhil Mahtani

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