New Beginnings…

I am extremely excited to announce the acquisition of AstilLink by our new platform, Jabord Inc., of which I am Co-Founder and CEO.

Jabord is born of an understanding from more than 16 years’ recruitment, with a desire to look forward at the ever changing market. I have the pleasure of joining with technology Co-founders, Ravi & Shawn, who bring a team of leading tech experts to realize our exciting ideas, spearheaded by our rock star product manager, Ethan.

For the applicant, in an increasingly competitive and tight job market, Jabord delivers everything from building and re-branding your profile, to identifying your best career. We have integrated multimedia tools to offer a better experience for both applicant and hiring manager.

For the HR recruiting specialist, we offer more informative job posting, smart candidate search, applicant tracking and candidate relationship management tools, transparency throughout the entire process, background checks, integrated communication and so much more, for a seamless delivery of talent.

So, if you want a better experience, or are just fed up with the others, Jabord delivers from desire to hire, with a bit of fun thrown in for good measure!

For more information, please visit Jabord or email me at

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