The Resume is Dead! Long live The Resume!

The phrase “The King is dead, long live the King!”, dates back to 1422, when, on the death of Charles VI, he was immediately succeeded by his son, Charles VII, to ensure the English throne was never empty and therefore no chance of civil war – boring fact. Another boring fact is that 60 years later, Leonardo da Vinci created the first ever resume, as a letter of basic introduction. Fortunately the risk of civil war in England has decreased as the human race has (somewhat) evolved over the past 500 years.

However, has the resume really evolved? We may have adapted to new technology in it’s delivery – we’re no longer sneaking around oversized envelopes or using fax machines when the boss isn’t looking – but what about the content? Are we still trying to tell our story by cobbling together a cacophony of template paragraphs, in the hope the reader will want to meet us?

Many of us rely on social media as back up, but how much of your story is being told versus getting lost in everything else? If an employer looks you up, are they getting an understanding of who you are, or more of an understanding of who your friends, connections and pets are? With so much available content, how do we cut through the noise?

Over the past few years, we’ve seen individuals start to brand themselves. The availability and ease of building your own website on Wix, or similar sites, allows one to tell so much more, and with focus, through the use of multi-media. You can show your creative side, include the video of your debating skills or show off pictures of volunteering at the homeless shelter. Is this the evolution of the resume? Not quite, but it is more interesting. I believe there is a hybrid – a format with an engine to cut in, where one leaves off, and which is appealing and efficient.

At Jabord, we’re creating that hybrid. Through the study of old-fashioned resumes, emerging video companies, and after multiple conversations with managers about what they ACTUALLY want to see, and from more than 17 years recruiting experience, we are going to present your resume with content that’s relevant, informative and allows you to show off who you actually are. We have built a template platform, agnostic to industry or profession, that knocks down the silo’s of who looks good on paper (or who doesn’t), to deliver the right candidate for the right opportunity, and vice versa. And by use of rich content, we aim to span geographical, diverse and socioeconomic barriers.

We’re not the first, and we won’t be the last, in this exciting disruption of a 500 year old institution, but watch this space as we bring the rest of this outdated process together.

So, is the resume dead? No, it’s been succeeded.

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