To be, or not to be… that is the question.

William Shakespeare wrote this famous soliloquy in 1623, for Hamlet to generally gripe about the hardships of life, as he weighed his options.

If Hamlet had been around today, I suspect one of his gripes would have been social media; and giving his famous soliloquy a modern day twist, it could have read something like:

“To be or not to be, that is the question:

Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer

The slings and arrows of an outrageous online post

Or to take arms against a sea of trolls

And by opposing, delete my account: to unsubscribe, to know what’s going on

No more…”

With an exponential increase in social media and online presence, we are constantly being told to be cautious of what we post, should it come back and bite us like last week’s chili! So what do we do when we start job seeking? A basic resume surely doesn’t cut it in today’s modernized world? But if I update my social media page to get noticed, am I tipping off my boss, my colleagues or potentially worse, my competition, that I’m looking for a new job? I want to get the message out about what a fantastic person I am – and I need more than a few words or a PDF to truly tell my story, but perhaps not the entire world! So how do I have a modern profile and online presence that I can share as I want, without necessarily having an online footprint?

Ignoring the basic security of giving too much information out – it’s amazing how many of those annoying security questions can be found in your social media history – you need a platform to tell your whole story, without people looking over your shoulder and asking questions.

To be online, or not to be online, that is the true question!

At Jabord, we don’t believe the two should be mutually exclusive. We like to have our cake and eat it… and we’ll even supply the forks! Why not have a full, informative, creative and modern online profile, without leaving a digital footprint behind. We have WhatsApp for secure messages, but what do we have for secure, digital, multi-media profiles?

Our platform not only offers security, but also a perfect template for anyone to create an informative portfolio, no matter what the level of your web design, or whether you’re Bruce Wayne or not! And remember, we believe in discretion, so unless you share your secure, personalized Jabord profile link, it remains just that….secure

Like the idea…? Click here to create your profile and see how easy and useful you find it!

To be or not to be…that’s so yesterday! Don’t get left behind, sign up today for free.

#time2evolve #dontgetleftbehind

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