Video Killed The Radio Star

I’m clearly showing my age by referencing a title like that, but in 1979 the English band The Buggles released Bruce Wooley’s song to great International acclaim; and in 1981, it was the first music video to play on a new American television channel called MTV!

MTV was a huge disruption to the way we listened to music, which had been historically pumped out over the radio by DJ’s and artists – people you wouldn’t recognize if you bumped in to them in your local supermarket. MTV introduced VJ’s and allowed artists to use visual media to tell actual stories, giving a more complete experience to the end user – remember Michael Jackson’s Thriller (and I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who tried to moonwalk across the kitchen!)?

In the last 36 years, the music industry has continued to evolve. The accompanying video has become as important as the music itself; a song without a video is limited in both message and reach. With smartphones, tablets, laptops and smart tv’s, all hooked up to YouTube, Vimeo, Snapchat, Facebook and so many media outlets, telling this message has become as easy as it is important – think Justin Bieber, identified in 2008 via his YouTube videos, or the political buzz created by Beyonce’s Formation video.

Am I telling you this to confess my love of 80’s music and inability to moonwalk? Not quite – although I do feel a weight has been lifted off my shoulders! No, I suggest that this evolution of content delivery should not be limited to the music industry.

With today’s available technology, we at Jabord believe you should be more than an unknown DJ in a supermarket aisle. We believe you should show off your talent, whether that’s moonwalking across the kitchen floor or creating a portfolio of your achievements. Of course we have social media, but is that the full length video, or just a brief ‘preview’ of what’s to come?

Jabord is a structured platform to create your ‘main feature’ profile, giving both you and the end user a more informed and complete experience. And because we value discretion, you control who you share your profile with, meaning you can have an online profile without an online footprint, to avoid those prying eyes!

Did video really kill the Radio Star…?

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